Liminal Space

Alexandra Bostic day 17:: last day // 5.31.17 lim·i·nal adjective relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.   Today was the long journey home from Amsterdam, to Atlanta, to Charlotte, and back to our respective homes from there.  Somewhere... Continue Reading →

From Ape to Coast to Escher to Zebra

Alexandra Bostic day 16 // 5.30.17 This morning we awoke early and headed straight for the trains.  We were traveling down to Den Haag which is on the coast of the Netherlands.  We had a visit with the National Library of Netherlands looking at some select books from their special collections.  These books were wildly... Continue Reading →

Museums and tying up loose ends

Belle Hissam day 16 // 5.30.17 This Tuesday was a bit of a whirlwind, the exhaustion from working so intensely the past 2 and a half weeks finally caught up to me and I hit quite a mental wall. The day before we had our exhibition at AGA and an amazing dinner, so today we... Continue Reading →


Kellee Morgado day 15 // 5.29.17 Our exhibition day at AGA Lab greeted us with another day of very hot weather. The show was to begin at 5:00-ish and every hour leading up to it would be spent preparing for the show. This included cleaning up prints, selecting prints to show amongst our set up... Continue Reading →

Exhibition Day

Alex Amaya day 15 // 5.29.17   As the program begins to come to an end, this morning we wrapped up any last prints we wanted to make before the AGA Lab exhibition later in the evening. But before the exhibition started we had to get a little zine crazy. Taken from a pile of... Continue Reading →

Watery Good Day

Anna Ambrose day 14 // 5.28.17 Today we all enjoyed a very casual time with Scott’s wife, Sunny and her family on a sailboat in Amersfoort.  It took us a few tries to catch the right train, but by the time we made it we were all very excited to spend the day on the... Continue Reading →

I’m on a boat!

Anna Cantrell day 14 // 5.28.17 We’ve been working so hard these past couple of weeks and everyone has been exhausted. It’s been really great to see all the incredible work our group has been able to produce in such a short time, but we’ve definitely needed some rest. Today we were treated to a... Continue Reading →

No Actual Snakes at CoBrA

Abby Piette day 13 // 5.27.17 Our second Saturday in Amsterdam, we were lucky enough to be invited to an opening for an exhibition called Radical Social Animalistic Languages at the Cobra Museum for Modern Art. I realized that I had never been to an opening outside of Boone, which is crazy! It was interesting... Continue Reading →

Live. Laugh. Love.

Philip Crowther day 11 // 5.25.17 I worked on my riso print designs for the majority of the day. I was working on inducing, and in the beginning I tried to focus on creating something that loosely expressed my concept, but at some point I decided to let go a bit. Last night I overheard... Continue Reading →

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