Post Trip

Anna Cantrell day 17:: reflection // 5.31.17 Life and how you see it is about perspective. It’s interesting to see how that changes and shifts over time. New lenses coming into view, changing positions, shifting surroundings, they all change the way we perceive our world and how we perceive ourselves. Whether it’s people, places, ideals,... Continue Reading →

Let’s Take a Walk

Devan Brush day 17:: reflection // 5.31.17 In the beginning of the first week of Amsterdam, Tricia said this trip is going to be like a marathon. I think that is a perfect depiction of the trip. Before we left there was anticipation, there was excitement and nerves and the unknown was ahead. Throughout our... Continue Reading →

Reflection: Eager & Excited

David Vertrees day 17::reflection // 5.31.17 I have learned a lot from spending a little over 2 weeks with this group. Having been told about the rigorous schedule that awaited us upon our arrival in Amsterdam I was excited and eager to begin working and using the facilities at AGA, & GWA. The experience of... Continue Reading →

Trip Reflection

Belle Hissam day 17:: reflection // 5.31.17 This trip was overall so new and so exhausting, it started out intense and we hit the ground running.  With a lot to learn and not a lot of time there were definitely times when I felt overwhelmed, but being pushed to learn new techniques and ways of... Continue Reading →

From Amsterdam to Arrowmont

Kellee Morgado day 34:: reflection // 6.17.17 My return from Amsterdam was jarring. Beyond the difficult journey to the terminal to catch our flight (all of our tickets said we did not have checked bags which resulted in a long wait at the help desk) and the delays getting up in the air in Atlanta,... Continue Reading →

The Trip Overall

Anna Ambrose day 17::reflection // 5.31.17 We began the trip already tired, but extremely excited and I think the feeling was universal.  We truly hit the ground running, immediately dropping off our bags and visiting a publishing site and grabbing dinner.  After a long travel day we slept and went to GWA where I was... Continue Reading →

When Will My Reflection Show Who I am Inside?

Abby Piette day 17:: reflection // 5.31.17 Amsterdam was exciting, exhausting, inspiring, challenging, and... unseasonably warm. Since this was my first trip out of the country, almost everything seemed interesting: the 2 Euro coin, the multitude of bikes, the laundry hanging out to dry, the graffiti, the architecture, and pretty much every piece of printed... Continue Reading →

Sweeter Than Chocolonely

Kellee Morgado day 17:: reflection // 5.31.17 It took another 11 days post trip for me to find a moment to think about all that had transpired and been created in Amsterdam. When I reflect on those 18 days I hear the sound of brayers rolling out sticky inks, the familiar “Alright gang,” shuttles too... Continue Reading →

Netherlands Reflection

Philip Crowther day 17::reflection // 5.31.17 To be completely honest this trip caught me more than a little off guard. The way we worked on this trip was not the way I am accustomed to working, and that had a major part to play in how the trip caught me off-guard. Our studio days while... Continue Reading →

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