Current Practices:​ Hybrid Print & Design in the Netherlands

Reflecting upon the nature of travel, consider Netherlands travel experience as a conceptual springboard, and from which to draw influence and inspiration for the development a body of print-based artwork. During practical, “hands-on”, supervised workshops/field experiences, students will begin the process of developing, and ultimately completing a portfolio of individual print projects (a series of artist’s proofs and editions) that engage artistic expression in various print media. These may include: traditional printmaking processes, e.g., relief (woodcut/linocut), intaglio, and current methods such as photopolymer/digital/hybrid printmaking, and various combinations thereof. The work of modern and contemporary Dutch artists, designers, and printmakers will be highlighted during lectures and presentations, and experienced up-close and personal during scheduled museum/gallery visits/tours.

This special topics advanced studio course will provide students an opportunity to collaboratively engage in research, conceptualization, design, and execution of complex print design projects. Design methodologies will culminate in a cohesive collaborative book that translates ideas and visuals related to an intersection of typography and experimental print design in Dutch Culture. Each student will develop and participate in a collaborative book design and production project. Strategies in design research, investigation, abstraction and experimental design and print practices will all be discussed along with techniques in page layout, typography for book and editorial layouts, collaborative design practices, hybrid printing and bookmaking.

Professors: Tricia Treacy & Scott Ludwig

Students: Alex Amaya, Anna Ambrose, Anna Cantrell, Alexandra Bostic, Abby Piette, Belle Hissam, David Vertrees, Devan Brush, Emma Kimbrough, Jason Wright, Kellee Morgado, Philip Crowther

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